keskiviikko 30. toukokuuta 2012

WOYWW # 156 - The 3rd Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to all fellow WOYWWers!!!
And big thanks to Julia for being our hostess :)

Today on my work desk is an art doll, which I´m now working on...

 ...but a couple of days ago I was working on the ATCs. There are now eight of them! With one I´m participating the 3rd anniversary swap, but then I have seven more... so if you like to swap with me, leave a comment and your details to my e-mail. You´ll find it on the right side bar. The cards are all equally made, but being hand made, they are all unique. The girl - I think she is 3-years-old - is fastened to the card with a brad so that you can spin her. There are also some Finnish text about dragonflies. And the dragonfly is there because of my new rubber stamp from The Lost Coast Design :)
 So, join the Party at Julia´s Stamping Ground!

maanantai 28. toukokuuta 2012


Kuten kuvastakin näkyy, on maanantai ;)

As you can see, I´m dressed for monday ;)
Kaikki kukkii ja joka paikka on keltaisenaan siitepölystä - hyvä että henki kulkee... mutta omenapuusta jaksan iloita! Se ei koskaan aikaisemmin ole kukkinut kunnolla. Yleensä on saanut etsimällä etsiä, että onko siellä kukkia ollenkaan ja nyt se on täydessä kukassa!

Everything blooms and every place is yellow of pollen - I hardly can breathe... but I´m glad about our apple tree! It has never before really bloomed and now it´s full of flowers!

Vielä kurkistus tulppaanin sisään...

A wiew inside the tulip...
 Aurinkoista kesäpäivää kaikille!

I wish a sunny summer day to everyone!

keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

WOYWW #155

First I have to apologize that I didn´t leave much comments last week. My illness came back - my stomach turned upside down... and you do not want to know more... I visited more than I commented, but mostly I only slept. NOW I hope it´s totally over!
Our younger daughter visited us last weekend and we had a wonderful time together. On sunday we went to see Tim Burton´s ´Dark Shadows´and on monday we made a trip to Tallinn, Estonia. Walked in the Old Town and ate at a medieval restaurant ´Olde Hansa´.
Now it also seems that the summer - and swallows - are here! So my work desk looks today like this:
Also a pic from a windy day last week :)  He (she?) was sitting outside my working room, back against the wind.
Happy WOYWW to everyone! More desks on Julia´s Stamping Ground!

keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2012

WOYWW #154

Hi again! I have missed a couple of weeks... but my work desk is as always - messy!
What have I done these two weeks? Layed in bed with fever... but also sewed, as you can see of the laces. Some new dolls:
 My pincushion...
...and paintbox with ATCs  made for my challenge in Half Way Storage. The idea of the challenge is to use something you have got free with some other things. For instance the labels and tags in clothes.
And here is my AB! I´m late with Elizabeth´s lessons, but as you can see, obviously something has happened...
At Julia´s Stamping Ground you can see what others have on their desks. Happy WOYWW to everyone!